smart hotel guest room smart hotel guest room

A smart home in the hotel room

Smart home devices are doing wonders among homeowners. The same intuitive and helpful experience can travel with guests to make their hotel stay more pleasing.

The problem is smart home devices don’t work for hotels. They were designed for DIY homeowners.

Dead batteries require constant maintenance

Unplugged cables cause unpleasant experiences

Schedule learning is impractical in hotels

Misplaced smart bulbs require replenishment

Commercial BMSs work but cost too much

Building management systems used in commercial buildings today may seem more appropriate. They consist of reliable hardware and are professionally specified and installed. However, their complex infrastructure comes at an extravagant cost, making them overkill for the hotel use case.

floor plan for a hotel guest room with a building management system

A whole new concept

We invented a new hardware package that integrates all the components needed to offer a comprehensive smart building solution. This consolidated architecture allowed us to significantly reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing performance. The whole thing is so powerful yet so simple.

rivieh technology architecture

A whole new experience

From the moment guests enter a hotel room with rivieh solution, everything feels different. Lights automatically turn on, soft music plays in the background, and the smart assistant greets guests in their language.

  • music icon
  • smart assistant icon
  • handsfree icon
  • security icon
entering a hotel room

Save energy, money, and the planet

Our technology guarantees light and HVAC energy isn’t wasted on vacant rooms. It even continues saving energy when guests are there.

  • occupancy sensing icon
  • light dimming icon
  • daylighting icon
  • utility grid demand response icon
hotel windows lit at night

Insightful and engaging data

Get real-time and aggregated data for your hotel’s occupancy level, energy consumption, and guest interactions. Use it to take action or share it with your guests.

smart energy dashboard